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The most comprehensive site for employee recognition, rewards, engagement, and retention. For three decades I have gathered information from extensive research, exceptional business models, and elite colleagues to discover six main principles that allow extraordinary employees to carry organizations to greatness. Understanding these six core principles will allow any organization to excel to the next level. It will also empower those who may not know they are 6 Star Employees as well.

Our Main focus is on the four key areas that are the deciding factors on whether an organization will truly succeed or fail.

Those key areas are:


Find out how 6 Star Employees Core Principles will allow you to onboard top level candidates

Employee engagement

Discover ways 6 Star Employees effectively increase employee engagement throughout the organization.


Learn ways to recognize and reward your foundational employees to ensure increases in productivity and profits.


Incorporate strategies within your organization to reduce attrition while increasing morale.

6 Star Employees embrace the
6 core principles every day

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E= mc2

Positive energy makes the connection twice as easy.

Complete to Exhaustion

Go beyond what others expect from you  to build on your relationships.

Get in the Game

Participation from all allows the greatest success. Bench warmers are not allowed.

Attitude Affects Altitude

A positive mental attitude will allow you to climb the greatest obstacles with ease. 

Voices Can Be Heard
Through Effort

The best way to impress others is with your service to the world.

A, E, I, O, U and ALWAYS Y

There are some attributes that upgrade excellence to extraordinary.

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Are you or someone you know a 6 Star Employee?

Within most organizations, there are those individuals who always step up their performance and go above and beyond daily. They represent all the positive attributes of the business because of their dedication, work ethic, and beliefs. 

You might be a 6 Star Employee if:

When work works....

When organizations hire the best employees, create an environment to increase engagement, recognize employees that go above and beyond, and focus on retaining their foundational employees, success is easily obtained.

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