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No matter what industry, organization size, structural plan, or customer base, they all depend on the people they employ. Even the sole proprietor must conduct themselves in a way that will obtain customers and continue the business.

This is a book for all. Whether you are the business owner, a member of the leadership team, supervisor, trainer, HR, co-worker, or member of the maintenance crew, there is something within these pages for you and for others you know. Adonis Duncan-K has been around enough key performers of various organizations and has collected a core set of principles that can be identified in any organization. With these principles, we can now identify and brand those employees that are the foundation of the organization. They can now be referred to as 6 Star Employees, a title that will carry a sense of entitlement to those that perform at the levels described within the pages. Those who were entitled to the pre-release have stated;

…@6staremployees has an incredibly uplifting way with words and he has taken his gift and created a self-help book.

Different to the norm, this book focuses on the key characteristics that most successful employees share. His book helps managers and recruiters identify and nurture these talents to help optimize a company’s and teams performance.

  • San, Founder of REC-Social


“This is a great read and learning tool for all managers. I wish I had this book available as a road map when I was a new manager.

  • Troy, MBA, Regional Manager


…”I just finished the book. I agree wholeheartedly with it. I pray that the right people read this and start to make the changes needed. You have done a wonderful job!”…

  • Arlena, Client Advocacy


Adonis Duncan-K is the originator of the 6 Star Employees program and regarded as an original “baby-blue collar” worker, having experience in a wide range of white-collar positions as well as blue-collar positions. In over 30 years of sales and service, HR, recruiting, management, and hospitality experience, Adonis has identified a core set of principles that many exemplary employees share. The core principles are explained within the pages of this book and can be used to discover the extraordinary employees that have not been recognized for their impact in the workforce.

There have been few opportunities for readers to receive a first-hand account from someone who has gathered three decades of observation, experience, and insight working directly side-by-side within a diverse range of professions. After reading this material, you will be better able to understand:

*Why do some organizations succeed year after year while others fail?

*How can an organization turn things around when they are losing ground?

*What characteristics do great employees share across industries?

*How can organizations increase employee engagement and lower attrition?

After 30 years of observations and research, there is one factor in all successful organizations that can guarantee success; 6 Star Employees. The 6 Star Employees Core Principles explain the beliefs, traits, and behaviors of employees that are the foundation of organizational excellence. With this understanding, you will be able to:

* Attract and hire the greatest talent available.

* Recognize and reward the most valuable employees in your organization.

* Implement a solid set of principles to increase productivity, processes, and profits.

* Determine if you qualify as a 6 Star Employee.

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