The 6th value is A, E, I, O, U, and Always Y. This one is the most important value because it incorporates who you are as a person and demands traits that are learned throughout life. Let’s go through each letter so you can see why. A,…You need to be accurate with your clients and customers to show your knowledge in your product or service. Accuracy in your presentation of your product boost customer confidence in what you are delivering. It also acknowledges your professionalism. E,… Show empathy and listen to what they really want. The way you present the information is not as important if you did not empathize with the wants and needs of your customer. They need to believe you listened to their needs or read and researched the material in their request. I,…Use intuition to anticipate what they will need as you are listening. While listening to the customer’s request or reading the proposal, think about strategies that will help you reach that goal. Use your experiences in the past to help you develop your unique solutions. O,…Take ownership and focus on what your job entails. Take ownership of your decisions and stand strong. Use all your values and beliefs to assist you and accept your decisions as yours. U,…Use your understanding of the situation to assist. Others may assist and help guide you, but your understanding of the situation is what matters. Get a clear understanding of your task before spending time on solutions. And lastly Y,…   propose effective solutions using your unique delivery. You are in control and it will be your unique delivery that seals the deal. Present your material with confidence, assurance, authority, and the belief that you did your very best for the client.

The 6th value incorporates so much of yourself. You will reach deep into who you are as a person and release behaviors and traits learned throughout your lifetime. It is the most complex of the 6 core values and separates you from others in your field. Take time to examine each point and see how it can help you reach your goals.

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