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In determining the right people, the good-to-great companies placed greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialized knowledge, or work experience.              -Jim Collins, Business consultant and author of Good to Great


6 Star Employees is foremost a consulting agency focused on the recruitment, recognition, engagement, and retention of extraordinary employees. We focus on recruitment by helping human resources select the very best candidates from the pool of candidates they incur, and we also help them find talent by looking for certain characteristics in potential employees. 6 Star Employees assist organizations also with recognizing which employees in their organization will help project the company’s image, mission, values, and overall goals to achieve profitable success. 6 Star Employees within your organization are typically the employees that drive the engagement, so we help leaders understand their impact overall. We also retain those employees who have demonstrated their commitment to the organization time and time again by rewarding them accordingly. With these four main goals, among others, 6 Star Employees can make a positive impact on any organization in which they are employed.


“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others, great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.”                   – Orrin Woodward


At 6 Star Employees, we raise the bar on the expectations of employees, coworkers, and leadership. One of our main objectives is to elevate the workplace to allow more efficient communication and implementation. When we are retained by an organization, we come in with an open mind to seek out ways to improve production, engagement, office ethics, morale, and job satisfaction. With several different programs for many different situations, our main task is to listen and observe first, then organize and plan, and then intensely implement our program.

What makes 6 Star Employees unique is the reason why the program was created. In general, we are flooded with programs that focus on creating great leaders, leadership characteristics, employee engagement techniques, and company culture. Most of the programs, seminars, books, podcast, and videos focus on methods to help improve these categories, yet at 6 Star Employees, we try to go straight to the root of the issue, the employees within the organization.

We feel as though there is a need to have more focus on the actual makeup of the people within the organization. It is the people aspect that makes or breaks the organization, not the action plans. We focus on making sure you are equipped with the right type of people within your organization for you to achieve success.

About the Author

Adonis Duncan-K is the originator of the 6 Star Employees program and regarded as an original “baby-blue collar” worker, having experience in a wide range of white-collar positions as well as blue-collar positions. In over 30 years of sales and service, HR, recruiting, management, and hospitality experience, Adonis has identified a core set of principles that many exemplary employees share. The core principles are explained within the pages of this book and can be used to discover the extraordinary employees that have not been recognized for their impact in the workforce.

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