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Often there are products, services, or organizations that are found to be “in a class by themselves”. When we come across such items or organizations we will feature them within this page as well as direct links through their affiliate programs through ads on other pages of this website. 

We personally always seek to recognize those who offer exceptional products, services, or offer their employees the very best environment within their organization.

Among our favorites

Here are a few of our personal favorite products and services and why we want to share them with you. Feel free to visit their websites and discover their products as we have partnered with them as an affiliate. Any direct purchases from the website links will earn a small commission for our cause. Thank you.

**6 Star Employees may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase items or services through recommended links on this page.**

Target – I really like the way Target has stayed relevant through the years by offering a wide selection of items for many different lifestyles. For over 40 years, Target has offered great products across the U.S. and I became a huge fan in the 80’s when my older brother became an employee. There are so many wonderful products to choose from and I can truly recommend this company to anyone based on all my experiences.

Crystal Plus Personalized Awards and Gifts

Crystal Plus, Inc – This site is a great place for personalized gifts, rewards, and awards. The free engraving and no setup charge will help you to make your selection even more special. There are many times when we need a connection to get that one of a kind item. Click the link to see all the wonderful items available for your special event or person.

eBay – There are so many times when I struggled to make ends meet when a simple eBay auction of my personal items that I no longer needed or wanted came into play. eBay has allowed so many people to share items on a simple platform and earn extra income. It has also allowed us to purchase items at a fraction of the cost we normally would have paid. And as for hard to find, vintage, antique, or specialty items, eBay has always been one of my go-to sources.

WWYF 300x250

Dollar Tree – When looking for simple, inexpensive reward and recognition items, Dollar Tree has some really great ideas. They are also a great place to get quick decorative items for employee birthdays, anniversaries, or holiday office events. Take a look at their website to see how you can even shop online and have items shipped right to the office or your doorstep. 

Old Time Candy Company – The name says it all. Remembering all the wonderful treats of the past always brings a smile to my face. This company specializes in nostalgic and vintage candy treats and offers many different ways to reward your self or others with treats. Take a look at their website but be warned,….they have so much to choose from and it will take several trips to take it all in.

Amazon Prime – My current membership with Amazon Prime has been an extraordinary experience. Of course Amazon has the greatest products with great prices and the extra benefits with the membership makes it an easy choice for my lifestyle. With the links provided, I welcome you to try out the service for yourself or recommend Amazon Prime  for someone else.  There are millions of products to choose from with or without a Prime membership. Great values await so go ahead and click the link now.

Great Wolf Lodge – If you are looking for great accommodations while traveling, the Great Wolf Lodge offers an exciting experience for all. Just click the link to explore all the amenities they offer to create a truly memorable experience for everyone. Every review I have heard has been extremely positive from many different friends and colleagues.  Click the link to explore the magic of the Great Wolf Lodge.

Save on suits, polos and ties at Jos. A. Bank

Jos. A. Bank – I have always had great experiences with products from Jos. A. Banks. If you are looking for quality mens attire that will provide great value, they specialize in fashionable attire at reasonable prices. Throughout my profession career, Jos. A. Bank has always been a reliable source when quality is needed.

Grammerly – The go-to source for making sure your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are correct on all your compositions. I have used Grammarly for the past year on articles, posts, publications, and it was the editing program of choice for the 6 Star Employees book. Grammerly can ensure that you are presenting your most professional product to the world. Click the link to explore all the possibilities.

Sport Style

Mizuno – Mizuno shoes have been an active part of my life for many years. I have owned several long lasting pair of Mizuno running shoes and they have always provided the comfort and stability for my running needs. My daughter has also used Mizuno shoes and apparel during 9 years of school and club volleyball and everyone we have been around has had a great experience with the product and with representatives of the organization. Click the link to find a product for you.

The Men’s Warehouse – When there is a need for top quality, reliable men’s clothing, The Men’s Warehouse has always been a great source to go to. They have always had a great selection of items to choose from and many different price ranges as well. They have been a go to source for many years not only for me, but to many of my friends as well. 

Men's Wearhouse - Clearance
Carol's Daughter Affiliate Logo

Carols Daughter – There have been few products that have matched my daughters health and beauty needs as well as Carol’s Daughter. With so many products to choose from, we have had nothing but success from their products. As a father, it is nice to finally find a product that I know I can rely on every time for my child.

Fiverr – This is a fantastic site to get the help and professional services needed to take you to the next level. They offer so many fantastic freelancers that are truly skilled in their craft. If you need website services, company logo assistance, or just professional advice, they are a go-to service. Click the link to see all the services they offer.

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