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2 weeks of work-from-home has taught me 1 thing for sure;

I miss my coworkers!

There are so many similarities to parenting when considering a new business.

Now That I WFH; It's Time To Move

2 weeks of work-from-home has taught me 1 thing for sure; I miss my coworkers!

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Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) creating a new breed of "sheeple"​?

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence throughout the workforce, we should be careful about how AI affects our livelihood and the way we will make future decisions.

There are times when we just do not know why things did not go your way. After over 9 attempts, I still wonder what was the deciding factors that determined why I was not chosen for a position.

As we go throughout our day, we sometimes notice those who make the organization sparkle. They are the shiny rocks within the company and they are the foundation that allows all the pieces to come together. 

Articles of interest

A Tale of Two Managers

Many of us have experienced the difference between a positive leader and a negative leader. This is a true tale of how the contrast between the two determines the company culture.

Retaining the 6 Star Employees in Your Organization

When top talent considers leaving the organization, leadership has the responsibility of understanding why.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

When you feel stuck in your present position, take time to examine the factors as to why you are in your current situation. Your next step should be determined with careful consideration of your past experiences and your future goals.

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When the Customer Service Department Loses it's Definition

There are several organizations that do not understand that a Customer Service Department should focus on the customer and not on the organization. The one fact they forget is that the organization does not exist without customers.

A Simple Gesture of Recognition can Reap Tremendous Rewards for All.

How a simple two-minute conversation with management led to a division-wide boom in employee engagement, morale, trust, and profitability. When employees care, management listens, and everyone is on board, success will be the only result.

Should the "squeaky wheel"​ always get the grease?

There are many types of employees that make up a company culture. Do not let the toxic employees influence your organizations pathway to success.

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A new, yet simple way to describe those within your organization that are the cornerstone of your company culture. They are not just good or great at their jobs, they represent kindness, compassion, empathy, and leadership wherever they are. They truly are your “6 Star Employees”​.

When the corporate office decides to visit their off-site locations, management at those locations may react in different ways. The reaction can reveal so much information about the culture, morale, and engagement of the location targeted for the visit.

Core Principle 1= E=mc2. The energy you present can be the difference between a great experience for your customer or a totally forgettable one. Make the first impression speak volumes of your extraordinary service.

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