Core Principle 2 – Complete to Exhaustion


Technology has been a great way for businesses to become more efficient and offer more solutions for all. Unfortunately, technology cannot mimic the empathy, kindness, and understanding of humans. We have the unique ability to communicate with words, feelings, and actions. We also can help others until they are fully satisfied.

Many of us complain about customer service levels today and wish for the service levels of the past. There was a time when a gas station attendant would walk up to your car, pump your gas, recommend new wiper blades, and help you get to where you were going without dollar signs in his eyes. I remember when the produce attendant would help me pick out the right cantaloupe, tell me a quick way to peel it, and help me find items on my list. Today I rarely receive this level of service. Therefore it is so important to find those 6 Star Employees in your organization and recognize their above and beyond level of service. 6 Star Employees not only solve the current issue, or sell the wanted item, they genuinely offer more services in the benefit of the person before them, not because of monetary gain. They make every attempt to bring a sense of peace and satisfaction to everyone by offering kindness through suggestions, knowledge, and experience.

A 6 Star Employee has a natural talent to empathize with the situation presented and the commitment to exceed the persons expectations by delivering extraordinary value to every encounter. Look for those in your organization that seem exemplify the levels of service of the past. A time when we depended on one another and not so much on technology. As stated before, technology is wonderful for efficiency, but human interaction should not suffer. In business, we should all complete to exhaustion to set ourselves apart from the competition.

“A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business.”       ~ Gregory Ciotti

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