6 Star Employees Favorite Finds!

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Excellent food grade gloves for those who prefer to add a little more protection while they prepare their meals. Great gift for anyone with or without culinary skills. 

Always a great idea to have a water filtration device available at all times. This is a consistent winner in the category of water filtration and even comes in different colors to customize your kitchen.

Get someone a reusable storage container that is stain resistant, BPA-free, leak proof, and great for meal prep. Containers are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

A wonderful product that has saved me time and effort to achieve the perfect hard-boiled egg. So easy to operate and clean as well.

Affordable fitness watch that I have used for over a year without fail. Easy to read and operate. Great for a basic fitness watch.

A true time and labor saver when trying to remove pesky tag residue from purchases and sticky goop from almost anything.

Old Time Candy Custom Box

Whether you’re celebrating a successful holiday season, wishing an employee happy birthday, or following up with a client, Old Time Candy is ready to supply the sweetness for your business.

Crystal Plus Customized Gifts

A great way to recognize the people that are important to you or your business. With engravers, designers, and customer service specialist who can help you find that special gift, this company can create special memories.


Give the gift of a personalized jersey, cap, or sweatshirt from  their favorite team. True fans will always enjoy a little gift to promote their pride in their favorite team.

The main reason I love this lotion is because it is free of fragrance and oil, hypoallergenic, and non irritating to sensitive skin.It also hydrates the skin without clogging pores and is ideal for normal to dry skin

Safer than most deodorant brands and extremely effective on wetness and odor. Works well on men and women and can also be ordered with custom scents. The best deodorant I have ever used.

A simple toxin free design to enjoy delicious fresh popped popcorn using your own spices. Super easy to clean and collapses for space saving storage. If you are tired of using paper bags or risking chemical based store bought bags, give this a try.

With so many benefits to this product, I wonder why it took so long to put them on the market.  truly wonderful idea brought to life. Check this one out.

A simple, effective sound machine without all the fluff and complication of other machines. 1 simple button, 1 simple sound, and 1 simple way to drown out noise pollution and get some sleep.

Whether you use them for working out, warmth, meditation, travel or more, this headband is great. Easy to pair and very simple controls. A great gift for anyone.

Powerful and lightweight backup charger that has continually saved my family from many low battery situations. Very durable and easy to use. The most reliable backup charger we have ever purchased.

A great rice cooker for outstanding rice, quinoa, steamed vegetables, and other food items. Easy to use digital controls for worry free cooking. Used weekly in my home for many wonderful meals.

100% pure therapeudic grade oils in a wonderful gift set. Great pricing for long lasting oils. Very potent and used all over my home. Comes with guide on how to use the oils in various situations.

Always a great way to store extra items such as blankets, pillows, out of season clothing, etc. Easy to use and a great way to save space wherever needed around the home.

Wish this was invented 15 years ago. A great addition to any home. Stop the guess work and get a precision readout. Great design with so many features.

All natural and gluten-free protein powder made from non GMO peanuts. Great to mix with smoothies, breads, pancakes, and other items for great peanut butter flavor. a better choice than most peanut butters on the market.

Pure epsom salt combined with essential oils creates a luxurious bath experience. Keep these items in home to  relax tired achy muscles.

Experience nonstick, high quality, heat-resistant baking with this 41 piece set. Pans are excellent for storage and easy to clean. I have used silicon pans for awhile and love the versatility they offer.

Extra bright rechargeable motion sensor light that is convenient whenever compact light is needed. Detachable with 20 individual super bright LED lights.

Great flexible ice pack with double sealed gel to help with inflammation and pain. 4 sizes to choose from to help get contoured cooling for various body parts. Much more comfortable than the typical bentonite.

Wonderful idea to transfer handwritten notes and information wherever you store your documents. Send pages to cloud, google drive, one note , email, etc. Stop wasting paper and store your handwritten information indefinitely.

Smartphone lens with macro and wide angle lens and rechargeable fill light to catch those selfies. Convenient to use and even has a travel case and lanyard for quick access. Great gift for a social media superstar.

Rug Grippers X-PROTECTOR – Rug Pad. Keeps Your Rug in Place & Corners Flat.

Want to keep those decorative rugs from sliding? X-protector Rug Grippers can help prevent slips, trips, and mishaps from happening. 

Install this under the cabinet or under a shelf to allow easy opening of the most stubborn jar lids. Sized from nail polish caps to large mason jar lids. Great for those with physical issues who have difficulties with lids.

A great way to create some style and efficiency with your shoe laces. Several size laces that will allow you to avoid tying your shoes while maintaining a secure fit. 

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