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How Embracing Negative Feedback Can Make You a Great Leader

Cameron Yarbrough tells us how to turn the negative into something that can boost your career. There are times when embracing the feedback and learning how to bounce back from it will create an inner strength to carry you to new heights.

Why Is Human Resources Important?

Darren Parucci gives us a deep look into the role of HR and gives a breakdown of the responsibilities of HR representatives. He has a great section on analyzing the ROI of HR for your organization as well. A must read for anyone interested in HR.

5 Cold Hard Truths I Learned About the Workplace the Hard Way

Darius Faroux describes some situations many of us face on a daily basis and he does it with humor which makes the article great. See which situations you identify with or have noticed in your work environment.

Why We Shouldn't Forget That the World's First Computers Were Humans

John Maeda gives us a history lesson to remind us just how far we have come as a society. A great article with amazing references to those who advanced our technology by using their talents.

8 Easy to Miss Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic

Scott Mautz describes 8 quick situations that can reveal if your workplace needs redirection. Toxic workplaces will effect every aspect of your organization and need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

50 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than the Average American Salary

John Rampton shares great ideas for anyone considering a career change. If you are looking for excellent opportunities that offer the ability to work from home, this article is a great start.

Making Work Less Stressful and More Engaging for Your Employees

Natalia Peart describes how to reduce workplace stress while increasing employee engagement from a clinical psychologist and leadership consultant point of view. She shows that factors can be done when implemented correctly.

What Can I Do if I Hate My Job? Here are 5 Things

Fred Leamnson explores ways to deal with a job that you hate. He even gives research points and delivers great comments. A great read for anyone who has ever said "I Hate My Job".

6 Mistakes You are Making in Your Elevator Pitch

Lindsay Tigar gives us important tips on how to be effective and efficient with the all important "elevator pitch". Use her tips and techniques to help establish a pitch that will keep them intrigued and coming back for more.

6 Ways to Make Positive Change Before you Hit Rock Bottom

Ashley Laderer gives some advice on how to recover from being in low points in your life. Take these tips to turn your life around and climb back up the ladder.

7 Easy-to-Miss Milestones That Indicate You're On Track to Becoming Successful

Scott Mautz reminds us of extremely important steps in life that validate our success. This is one of my absolute favorite articles because it reminds us to reflect on experiences from our past that enabled us to be where we are today.

Five Ways Salespeople Can Contribute To A Great Customer Experience

Shep Hyken discusses how sales and customer service should be a focus together. Salespeople may be gifted with the art of selling but have a chance to increase future sales through the use of great customer service in every transaction.

A High Performer Will Not Always Become a Great Manager...

Robert Glazer gives insight on why we should not promote high performers just because there are no other promotional options. You may need to find better options for your employee.

Four Ideas That Will Change The Future Of Work

Jonquil Hackenberg expresses four ideas about the future of work. Naturally, AI and technology will become a central topic of conversation for everyone to consider.

Want to get promoted? Wow your boss with these five easy tips

The Oracles shares tips from 5 experts on ways to get to that next level in their career. Sometimes there are certain things one can do to get the attention from decision makers.

Microsoft Made a Genius Change to Its Hiring Process. (Amazon, Apple, and Google Should Learn From It)

Justin Bariso brings attention to an organization that has reached out beyond hiring cookie-cutter employees and tapped into a new source for major corporate success. True leadership will expand traditional methods and find new ways to succeed.

Hiring Managers Notice These 8 Signals You Send More Than Anything Else During an Interview

Scott Mautz offers some quick tips to help us when facing hiring managers. Make sure you keep these points in mind to get the upper hand.

Your Answer to This Question Will Determine Your Success in Life

Benjamin Hardy in this article explains how to focus on what you feel is right for you from the inside and not let outside forces change your true direction. He introduces us to what "dysergy" means and how to apply it in our goal setting.

This Is The Most Important Leadership Test In The World

Terina Allen shares insight into the way true leaders have the ability to lead themselves first in ways that allow them to move others to action as well. A great articles with helpful, positive thoughts.

Yale Exposes New Bias That Judges Interviewees Within First Few Seconds Of Interview

Heidi Lynne Kurter shares results of a new study that shows interview bias may occur within the first 15 minutes of the interview. It is best to be aware of how you can positively effect the interviewers decision from the start.

Before You Accept A Job Offer, Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Ashira Prossack gives some quick tips to think about before accepting the job offer. These are a few suggestions to make sure that the position you are offered will be in your best interest and create a great solution for all parties involved.

Human Resources Isn’t About Humans

Karen Wickre wrote this article back in 2017 and many of her points are very relevant today. What i truly enjoy about the article is that she not only brings out the issues, she also provides some solutions as well.

...1 Question to Determine Whether a Company (and Job) Is the Right Fit

Jeff Haden helps to turn the table during the interview process. If you truly want to know if the company is a good fit, ask this one question and find out what type of answer you receive. It could be the answer you need to hear.

A Beautiful Company Culture Drives High Performance

Tim Denning writes about his experience with a highly engaged company with an extraordinary company culture. Once you experience this level within an organization, it is difficult to return to a normal environment.

Employees Crave More Appreciation From Their Bosses, Research Shows. Here's How to Better Appreciate Your Team

Scott Mautz explains the results of a study conducted this summer by analytics and research institute Workhuman. It is interesting to read about what their study reveals about what employees truly want more of.

Bill Gates Said You Must Offer This Perk in Order to Hire the Best Workers

Marcel Schwantes gives us insight into the mind of Bill Gates and shares how he feels about the future of recruiting talent. Marcel also breaks down the relevance of a flexible workplace with great examples of the benefits that can occur.

Can AI Put the ‘Human’ Back Into Human Resources?

Laetitia Vitaud really digs deep and helps present truly outstanding observations concerning the role of AI within Human Resources. This is a truly outstanding article for anyone interested in the potential effects of AI in the future of work.

This Communication Mistake Could Be Ruining Your Employee Engagement Survey

Mark Murphy describes how management can create an ineffective result from engagement surveys. He explains how the results can only be effective if they are communicated with everyone involved. Click here to read article.

How Do I Tell Our HR Director She's Breaking the Law?

Alison Green explores five different scenarios that many people think to ask, but may not be bold enough to ask. She often writes about situations that may be of interest to many individuals, yet may not be a trending topic at the time. Take a quick read and you may discover some things you were not aware of.

10 things that immediately happen when real leadership shows up.

Benjamin P. Hardy takes a deep look into what happens when a real leader steps up and decides to take action. He reinforces thoughts from leaders of the past and present and gives great examples of what happens when we take charge of our lives and/or the situations we are in.

To Find the Perfect Candidate, Ask These 12 Questions in Every Interview

Matthew Kosinski has a list of great questions to ask to get a deeper viewpoint on the candidate in front of you. He shares his great insight into why these questions are important as well. A great article with enticing visuals that make an easy, informative read for all. Enjoy!

A 5-Year, 50,000 Person Gallup Study Says This Is the Single Biggest Challenge Managers Face

Scott Mautz writes about the results of a 5-year study that brings out some truly thought provoking ideas about leadership.When there is a study ogf this magnitude, the results can really help define the current state of the workforce.

This Is the Most In-Demand Skill of the Future

Ryan Jenkins writes about the most important skill for the future. So much information has been in the forefront regarding the AI takeover. We must all realize how we need to adapt to the changes ahead as we have all done before.

5 Manager Mistakes That Cause Low Employee Engagement

Abe Turner gives us 5 situations that can keep your organization from employee engagement increases. The issues may not always be with your employees and the organization may need to look at the way their leadership team performs daily.

A New Study Finds That 26% Of Employees Are Motivated But Dislike Their Company

Mark Murphy gives us several reasons why engaged employees may be motivated to do their best but unhappy with where they are employed. When you really analyze the data and the survey results, you then can get to the real reason why some employees are hardworking but unhappy.

Five Steps To Win The Hearts And Minds Of Employees

Rebecca Skilbeck gives us 5 key ways to help recognize, reward, and retain employees in your organization by connecting with basic employee needs. Great information to address the current needs of modern employees.

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