How to Identify 5 Different Leadership Styles

Lindsay Tigar describes 5 Leadership types within our organizations. See if you or your leaders fall into one of these types.

Before Publicly Sharing Your Company's Core Values, Make Sure You're Actually Living Them

Laura Behrens Wu reminds us to practice what we preach. Organizations should practice the core values they place on all their recruiting material.

4 Ways Empathy Will Lead You to More Success

Andrew Thomas share his view on how important empathy is on the road to success. A good read to further understand the role empathy has in everyday life.

What AI Still Can't Do?

Bryan Bergstein writes an outstanding article that tells why AI is far from replacing complicated tasks that involve complex human thoughts and emotions. A wonderful read for all.

Why Some Employees Dislike or Distrust Engagement Surveys

Joanna Swanson explains a few reasons why employees are not comfortable with engagement surveys. Great information for leadership to consider.

The 7 Questions to Ask to Understand Company Culture

Lindsay Tigar lists a few questions that candidates can use to truly get a feel of the organizations culture. Ask these questions to see if you are a good fit.

The Top 17 ways to fail a job interview

CW Headley provides a list of "not-to-do's" that can make a difference in your next interview. Steer clear of these trends in order to rise above others and succeed in your new endeavor.

At will employment: What it is and why it can be dangerous for employees

Robert Carnevale explains At-Will employment and details to help you understand your rights. Before you accept that next At-Will position, keep this information in mind.

13 Signs You Have A Toxic And Insecure Boss

Adunola Adeshola gives a few tips on things to look for when deciding if the situation you are in is worth it. Recognizing certain characteristics in your boss can save a lot of stress and heartache.

29 Smart Reasons the People You Really Want to Hire Are Going to Say 'No'

Geoffrey James lists 29 outstanding observations that potential candidates say help them determine whether or not to accept a job offer. The interview may not be the deciding factor in their decision.

Are You a Toxic Person? Here's How to Tell

Minda Zetlin reveals a few characteristics that toxic people share. Find out if you posses a few of these traits in order to change a few behaviors you may have.

The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Kerry Roberts Gibson, Kate O'Leary, Joseph R. Weintraub make strong points on how to recognize and reward your employees. These critical tips can increase your employee motivation, engagement, and retention.

Want Your Employees to Stick Around? Make a Point to Ask Them 2 of These 20 Questions Every Month

Laura Garnett list some questions that can help retain your top talent. Asking a few of these questions will allow you to get perspective on your employees true feelings.

LinkedIn Says These Are the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Always Make in the First 90 Days of Their New Job

Peter Economy has really great information that I have personally witnessed as true. The first 90 days can set the tone for how everyone will perceive you throughout your tenure.

8 Tips for Praising Employees (Without Making Others Jealous)

Young Entrepreneur Council list a few ways to recognize your top achievers without alienating all others. There is no need to withhold employee recognition and rewards when you know how to effectively implement the action.

5 Secrets to Increase Employee Engagement With Technology

The Admin of Shift Disruptive ELearning wrote an excellent article a few years ago telling ways to use technological advances to increase employee engagement. The ideas are still relevant today.

How Do You Measure Company Culture?

Greg Kihlstrom discusses three areas of measurement for company culture. It is difficult to hire, engage, and retain the current workforce and understanding the basics of engagement will make a difference.

9 Productivity Mistakes You're Making in the First 10 Mins of Your Day

Georgia Coggan attempts to help us all with ways to increase our productivity. Her excellent infographics are a fun, entertaining way to show us 9 things to avoid each day.

15 Clear Signs Your Employee Deserves A Promotion

Forbes Coaches Council list certain signs that can help determine when it is time to let your star employees sign. There may be someone in your organization that is ready for the next level.

The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

Bernard Marr gives a list of what he feels will be top trends in the AI world for 2020. Take notes and see if you agree with his ideas for our future.

Rise of the Machines

Adriaan Kruger reminds us that AI has been around for a long time and has made a tremendous impact already. It seems that we are just now realizing how AI will impact our future.

How to Be an Effective Leader When Your Employees Have More Experience Than You

Dana Sitar gives tips on what to do when you surround yourself with those who may be on another level of your expertise. Use these tips to make the most out of this situation an come out on top every time.

5 Questions You Can Ask To Learn About Company Culture In A Job Interview

Ashira Prossack provides a few questions you can ask during your next interview to get a view of the overall culture of the company. I have personally used a few of these before and the answers can help you decide whether or not the company is a right fit for you.

This could be why you didn’t get the job

Sacha Strebe finally gives us some closure to help us understand what could be the reason why we were not hired for that position. Sometimes it can help to just consider a few of these options in order to move on.

4 Strategies To Repair A Toxic Culture From The Top Down

Heidi Lynne Kurter describes how toxic workplaces (informal norms) affect organizations and a few steps to combat negativity. Great article if your organization needs new techniques or tips.

What To Look For In The People You Choose To Admire

Tim Denning gives a truly personal perspective of qualities and values he holds high in individuals. His insight into the positive traits of admirable people can be a reminder to us all.

Your older colleagues are an untapped resource for insight and career advice

World Economic Forum makes a point that many organizations forget. Leaders should rely more on those who have faced and survived the ups and downs of life. Our older generation can be a total asset when applying well-tested techniques to new age issues.

Employers Have a Lot to Gain From Letting You Openly Look For a New Job

Beth Perkins brings a different perspective on how to change a uncomfortable situation into something everyone can benefit from. Leaving a job is difficult enough if you have to hide your intentions from everyone.

The US’s Top 15 Emerging Jobs of 2020, According to LinkedIn

Michelle Cheng takes a look at emerging jobs for the future. Those interested in learning about employment trends will appreciate this article.

Burnout Is About Your Workplace, Not Your People

Jennifer Moss explains how burnout is a result of organization issues, not necessarily employee issues. Organizations should look at internal factors that contribute to burnout and not allow the employee to deal with it alone.

No Matter How Educated, Talented, or Rich You Are, How You TREAT OTHERS Ultimately Tells All.

Brigette Hyacinth gives a corporate twist on The Golden Rule and shares ways to show respect and appreciation to those around you. Check out the link in the article to get much more information from her articles, they are great.

Got Bad Customer Service? How to Complain Well and Get Results

Kevin Doyle gives extremely helpful tips on how to get the best out of a bad situation. Kevin gives us great information and facts to support his research. Read this article and find ways to make a win from a bad customer service experience.

5 of the Most Popular Questions on Emotional Intelligence, Answered

Justin Bariso helps clear up all the confusion regarding EQ (Emotional Intelligence). If you ever wondered what EQ is, what are the characteristics, and how much EQ you possess, this articles will definitely give you insight.

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