Recognition and Reward Ideas

The information listed below provides a few great ideas to reward those who have made an impact in your organization. There are products and ideas for any budget so take a look and find a way to appreciate someone today. It doesn’t take much to show kindness to someone.

Compensation is often a very tense topic within organizations, but it is a top priority among employees. No matter how wonderful an organization can be, top candidates will not seek out positions if the salary range is below certain levels. 6 Star Employees deserve the higher end of the salary range, but they do not require it in order to perform at an exemplary level. It is best for leadership to find out what the employees view as compensation for their hard work. There are several non-monetary rewards that are desired by 6 Star Employees. They may include:


  • Certificates of Appreciation, Award letters, trophies, etc.
  • Movie passes, gift cards, gas cards
  • Simple thank you notes, thank you treats, acknowledgment in front of peers
  • Bonuses, salary increases, extra commissions
  • Extra corporate benefits, parking passes, free lunches or dinners with management


If leadership cannot approve increases in salary, they can often consider a few of the above-mentioned rewards for their employees. The key to retaining 6 Star Employees is to understand their drive and understand what makes them feel appreciated. Taking the time and effort to understand your employees brings rewards to the organization that ensures positive results.

There are so many ways to recognize and reward your key performers. When individuals are recognized for what they contribute, they often elevate their whole environment. Take a look at the following organizations that we partner with to get some great ideas for appreciation items.

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**6 Star Employees may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase items or services through recommended links on this page.**

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