As for current employees, when they adopt the 6 Star Employees principles, they have a resurgence of energy because they now understand that all employees have a set level of standards and they can be reassured that their efforts will be recognized and rewarded. This new level of comfort invigorates their work ethic and promotes more intensity that results in new efficiencies and productivity.

Organizations with 6 Star Employees truly enjoy higher productivity levels because they receive the benefit of high-volume employees who enjoy working with others that follow the same principles and have the same company vision. Current employees also benefit when they understand that those who adopt the principles and operate by them will be first in line when promotional opportunities become available. Management should always recognize those who follow the principles and can ensure that those they manage understand the importance of the principles as well. This is crucial for retention within the organization.

Organizations with a solid set of principles that are communicated and enforced effectively will always retain employees at a high rate if the principles allow a positive company culture. 6 Star Employees within a 6 Star Employees organization often do not feel the need to look for other opportunities outside of the organization. When you understand the culture and beliefs of where you are employed and you accept your role within that environment, you are more likely to remain within that organization. Typically, when a 6 Star Employee resigns, it is a result of another organization recognizing their outstanding characteristics and making an offer that increases their livelihood. Rarely does a 6 Star Employee leave an organization on poor terms. It is also extremely rare that 6 Star Employees neglect job duties, have issues with attendance, have issues getting along with co-workers, or disrespect authority.

It should be clear as to why 6 Star Employees are considered your foundational employees.

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