Recruiters know that the best candidates are the ones in which you clearly know and understand how they will satisfy your client’s needs. Candidates who perform at certain levels and have certain characteristics will always be a more attractive fit. It will be extremely important for the recruiter to recognize whether their client will require hard skills or soft skills.

When a client can accurately describe the type of candidate they need, they expect the recruiter to find that type of candidate within a certain amount of time to fill the position. If the recruiter has a bank of 6 Star Employees available, the screening process becomes a minor task because the recruiter has already established the ethics, behaviors, skills, and knowledge of the potential employee. The recruiter also realizes the if soft skills are desired, they need to understand the candidate’s time management, enthusiasm, and dependability in order to decide if they would be a great match.

Knowing the principles of a potential candidate can make all the difference in the recruiter’s ability to satisfy their client’s needs and expand their clientele. Recruiters who consistently provide top-notch candidates will always produce repeat business. When recruiters only assign candidates because of skill set, education, and/or personality, they create more risk for themselves as well as their client. They do not get the opportunity of offering their client a candidate that could end up being one of the foundations of the organization.

6 Star Employees always go into situations to succeed and better everything around them. For this reason, we need to first understand how to find 6 Star Employees.


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