Great employees are the individuals that allow the company culture to exist. There is no culture without employees that create it. Leadership can have the best of plans and organize standards, vision statements, and have a rock-solid budget, but it is the people that produce the product or service who set the overall success of the organization.

When you have 6 Star Employees involved in the organization, and they perform as expected, they have expectations themselves of what the organization should provide. 6 Star Employees work best with organizations that understand the laws of reciprocity. When the employee gives his time, effort, dedication, foresight, skills, knowledge, energy, etc. they want something in return. A simple paycheck and typical industry benefits can be good for some employees, but for 6 Star Employees, there needs to be more.

There will be a need for advancement and growth opportunities, recognition and reward programs, infrastructure upgrades, communication from leadership, consideration of work-life balance, etc. in order to get the most production. If leadership is only interested in supplying the “usual” benefits, they should expect the “usual” employee, not greatness. Most of the time, 6 Star Employees want what is fair to the effort they bring, and salary is not the driving force exclusively. They look at the complete experience and react to their environment by searching for what may be needed and then do what they can to provide it.

Retaining 6 Star Employees will require leadership to know the employee’s strengths and weaknesses and what benefits they consider valuable. Investing time to know these things will allow the organization to continue to progress while retaining key employees.

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