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Walmart Just Made a Bold Move That Families Are Going to Love.

Justin Bariso describes how Walmart has decided to lead the retail market in new ways to reach their customer base. Unprecedented times sometimes requires bold moves to stay on top.

Why You Should Measure Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Archit Jain explains Net Promoter Score (NPS), how to use it to your benefit, and what it can provide for the future of your organization. If you never clearly understood NPS, this is a great article to read.

Is the Five-Day Office Week Over?

Clair Cain Miller explores the possibility of the reduction of the typical 5 day workweek. Are we at the point to make adjustments to what we expect in a normal work week.

Why Loneliness Is A Problem For Leaders And What To Do About It

Constance Dierickx examines reasons why leaders sometimes feel alone and how they can successfully overcome those feelings. In many situations, simply discussing your feelings with others may be the answer.

What The Dutch Can Teach The World About Remote Work

Katie Bishop provides insight into how the Dutch have adjusted to remote work and how we can learn from their example because the average remote worker percentage hovers around 14%.

Here’s Why Leaders Don’t Want To Support Remote Working

Benjamin Laker fires up the conversation on why some leaders do not feel favorable to having remote workers. He explains many issues regarding the positives and negatives that can be associated with remote work.

Lockdown Made Us Rethink How We Value Productivity – So Let’s Make The Most Of It

NZIER helps us all understand how to stay productive even if all our home, work, and school environments are combined during the pandemic.

How To Bring Employees Back To The Office Without Damaging Company Culture

Heidi Lynne Kurter describes ways to help your organization get back to a new normal and protect the company culture that will be even more important to maintain.

The Time To Prepare For The Post-Pandemic Workplace Is Now. Here's Where To Start

Jeff Miller raises the alarm for all organizational leaders. Right now is the time to prepare for the changes that will be needed for the future of work .

People Are Working From Home And Spending More Time On Computers, But Are Less Productive

N.F.Mendoza provides results of a study that examines how we are doing with all the new work from home requirements. Lots of informational data available in this article.

How The COVID-19 Crisis Has Made HR One Of The Most Important Jobs Today

Isil Ata reminds us of how important HR has become with all the new adjustments to work life. Great tips to think about while we adjust and adapt.

Life on the inside: 10 tips to reinvent your career during lockdown

The Newsroom promotes a way of thinking so we take advantage of the changes in the future of work. This is a great time to make the adjustments needed to boost your career.

Losing Face: The Rise Of The Mask, And What's Lost Behind It

Ted Anthony writes an outstanding article that reveals how drastic changes in our communication will result with the wearing of masks. A must read because we all are effected!

3 Ways To Demonstrate Your Value And Positive Impact In These Unprecedented Times

Kathy Caprino reveals a new set of challenges within the workplace as work environments have shifted. There will be a dire need for changes at every level.

When Your Employees Are Remote, You Have To Stop The Body-In-Seat Mentality

Mark Murphy gives great advice on several ways leadership can adjust to new work-from-home environments. Good remote worker strategies.

59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2020

Emil Shour has outstanding ways to show appreciation, build morale, and create a great company culture. Lots of great ideas for any size organization.

Consumer Behavior In The New Normal

Michael R. Solomon helps guide us through some of the changes that consumers may take place once business return to some type of new operational procedures.

This Is The End Of The Office As We Know It

Rani Molla writes about specific changes to the work environment. There will be work from home, office design, and office space leasing changes that will forever change employment dynamics.

After coronavirus, the penny

After Coronavirus, The Penny Has Dropped That Wellbeing Isn't Individual But Social

Tobias Jones writes an outstanding article concerning the transformations occuring across the globe due to coronavirus. A must read!

What’s in Store for HR in the New Decade?

Priya Sunit has consulted with various sources to obtain great insight to where HR will go from today.Great information to ponder.

Generation V for Virus

Stef W. Kight list a few bullets to allow us to feel the impact on how the coronavirus is altering the futures of Generation Z.

Embrace The Uncertainty Ahead, However Great Your Discomfort

Margie Warrell helps guide us through this unprecedented time in our world. She provides great viewpoints to ponder so we can focus on the things we need to.

This is the future of the business handshake

Steve Adcock explains how an everyday ritual may now become extinct. The corporate world will need to adjust the way we "seal the deal".

5 Ways To Be a Better Manager While Working Remotely

The Conversation news and commentary website provides support and information to managers who are facing new obstacles as they try to manage remote workers.

What To Do When A Job Offer Disappears

Carolina Ceniza-Levine provides advise on what to do when the offer disappears. This is helpful advice in our current unpredictable economies.

Five Lies That Could Be Ruining Your Career and your Life!

Brigette Hyacinth explains five common ideas that may keep you from being your best.Don't let these self destructive thoughts restrict your potential.

What Type Of Remote Worker Are You?

Shelcy V. Joseph describes several types of remote workers. Find out what type of worker you may be.

People Who Use These 5 Toxic Phrases at Work Have Very Low Emotional Intelligence

Bill Murphy Jr. tells of phrases that show your degree of emotional intelligence. These 5 key phrases can help determine if more attention is needed to boost your emotional intelligence.

Remember That Company With the $70K Minimum Wage?

Jessica Stillman provides an update after 5 years of a major leadership decision that went totally out of the box. See the results that occurred for this bold leadership move.

I’ve Been Working From Home for Nearly a Decade — Here Are My Top 9 Productivity Hacks to Stay Organized and Avoid Distractions

Steven John list 9 tips to help us deal with work from home situations. Great advice for those new to the work-from-home option.

65 Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Ashley Jones unloads a whole list of common questions you might face during an interview and provides ways to answer so you will be prepared.

The Top 10 Office Pet Peeves in the U.S.--and How to Avoid Them

Adam Robinson not only lists the top 10 office pet peeves but also provides a few ways leadership can avoid them. Take notes to see if your office can steer clear.

94% Of Workers Want This Benefit (And Most Leaders Are Screwing It Up)

Jason Wingard writes about a benefit that has gained tremendous momentum within the last few weeks.Flexible workplaces and remote work has dominated the news world as we adjust to social distancing.

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