What is a
6 Star Employee?

In many companies we attempt to find out how we can improve employee engagement. Although there are many websites, podcasts, Facebook pages,  white papers, etc.out there in the universe, many companies do not take the time to look at what is at the core of engagement….The employees within the organization.

Many of the podcast, papers, seminars, and materials I have come across introduce ways to increase employee engagement that focus around the current people in the organization. They implement new directives and action plans, start new rewards and recognition programs, and open up communication and feedback channels. While these are important steps to assist engagement as a whole, we need to look deeper into who your employees are and if they are a fit to what you want to accomplish as an organization.

Do they share your vision? And do you even have a vision of what the organization should feel like among your employees.

How many people in your organization truly uphold a sense of doing their best every day, sharing their knowledge, helping your customers, and maintaining the company culture?

What I want to introduce you to is a 6 Star Employee program to introduce 6 core principles that reflect the types of employees that will be the foundation of any business. The 6 Core Principles are:

1) E=mc2…

2)Complete to Exhaustion….

3)Get in the Game- no Benchwarmers Allowed…

4)Attitudes effect Altitudes…

5)Voices can be Heard through Efforts…and

6)A,E,I,O,U, and Always Y.

As we go briefly into each principle, try to recount those individuals that currently have the values. Those who hold all 6 principles will be the pillars of your organization. They are the individuals who truly want the organization to thrive and often are overlooked and not properly rewarded for their efforts. They may not be the top of sales, they may not be the leader of every project they come across, and they may not volunteer every time a new project comes along, but they will be committed to the organization, put in massive effort, speak highly  about the organization, and influence others to raise the bar. 6 Star Employees keep the organization going and help maintain the culture because of their natural inclination to do their best all the time.

So what are the core principles that stabilize any organization?

The 1st is E=mc2 or Energy makes the connection twice as easy. In other words your first connection to your client or customer should project a positive energy. First impressions count in business. A positive, energetic salesman, manager, or co-worker will always make it easier to connect and communicate your needs.

#2 is “Complete to Exhaustion”. Simply put “make sure there are no unanswered questions”. Always present all the information in a way to verify that the other party is complete with information and without doubt. This also applies when assisting others. Always take the next step when assisting others. Don’t just answer the question or give an answer. Go further and check for understanding, present other items that can help, or make sure they are asking the right thing. Your extra effort will solidify you as an expert and reflect positively on the organization as a whole.

The third principle is “Get in the Game- no Benchwarmers Allowed”. Participation is the key to success. Sitting on the sidelines and watching others put in all the effort weakens the organization. You need to present your talents and help the business grow. Each person brings a unique set of skills to the table and every business is a team. Teams need players to all contribute. Some may contribute more than others, but they all need to do whatever they can to make things work for the better.

Fourth, “Attitude effects Altitude”. How you project your energy in the workplace among your coworkers and upper management will affect how you are perceived when opportunities arise. No one wants to promote the office “Negative Nancy”, “Debbie Downer”, or “Grumpy Greg”. Promotions are not always based on the numbers. Attitudes should always be a part of promotions in order to inspire others and increase productivity.

#5, Voices can be heard through efforts. Many times I have heard the saying “The Squeaky Wheel Always Gets the Grease”. Yes, it does work in some organizations, but in organizations with good cultures, a solid work ethic with good communication works better. No one should have to complain, file grievances, or make displays of dissatisfaction in order to get positive results. Your participation in everyday activities is your “voice” and will be heard.

And lastly, the 6th principle is A,E,I,O,U, and Always Y. You need to be accurate with your clients and customers to show your knowledge in your product or service. Show empathy and listen to what they really want. Use intuition to anticipate what they will need as you are listening. Take ownership and focus on what your job entails. Use your understanding of the situation to assist, and propose effective solutions using your unique delivery.

A  6 Star Employee who exemplifies all 6 values will always be a cornerstone of your organization and should be rewarded as they continue to uphold their standards. Organizations should also seek out individuals who possess these values and encourage them to join their organizations. 6 Star Employees contribute more and have higher levels of engagement than typical employees. Take the time to examine your staff and find the 6 Star Employees  in your organization. You may be surprised at how efficient, dedicated, and valuable they are to your organization and everyone around them. 6 Star Employees typically carry these same values wherever they are and in whatever situations they encounter. Seek them out, acknowledge them, hire them, reward them, and watch them develop. It will improve your organization tremendously. Thank you!

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